Virechan Panchakarma

Virechan or Purgation

Virechana Chikitsa, or Purgation therapy, is the elimination of toxins from the body using herbal laxatives. The resulting bowel movement rids the system of harmful Pitta-related impurities. Organs in the lower torso – small intestine, kidney, colon, liver, and spleen – are cleansed during this therapy.

Virechen Chikitsa has three main steps
  • Step 1: Pre Procedure or Purvakarma
  • Step 2: Main Procedure also called Pradhankarma
  • Step 3: Post Procedure or Paschatkarma

Purvakarma includes Snehapana for 3-7 days, then Abhyanga (specialized deep tissue procedure) & Swedana (perspiration with steam mixed with Ayurvedic Medicines) for three days.

The main procedure is done at Pitta Kal in early morning, empty stomach. Special medicines for particular disease is to be given followed by purgation under Doctors supervision. Post Purgation, special diet and rest is advised.

Can this be administered in all conditions?

Excellent treatment for Pittaja Vyadhi (metabolic syndromes) gastrointestinal disorders( constipation, worm infestation, jaundice, etc), dermatological disorders like eczema, allergies etc.

When not to Give Virechan?

Pregnant women, weak patients, patients with tuberculosis, etc must not indulge in this treatment.