Karna Poorna Treatment Ayur Healing


Karnapoorana is an Ayurvedic therapeutic measure under Vicherna Sneha in which a different special method of administration of oils or medicines is practiced to achieve proper results. It is the process of filling the Swarasa, Taila etc.into the ear to cure different diseases affecting ear ,neck and head. It can also be used as preventive therapy.

The literal meaning of karna poorana is filling of ear with lukewarm Swarasa, Sneha Dravya or gomutra etc.

Indication: – In the Following disease Karna Poorana helps:- Earache, Ear congestion, Earwax blockage, Tinnitus, Menieuo’s disease, Swimmer ear, Hearing loss, Headache, Migraine, Jaw pain, Neck pain, Ear disorder, Depression, Vertigo, Acoustic nerve weakness, General body aches, Vata disease etc.