Dhootpapeshwar Maha Swarna Yog – Suvarna Prashan (30 Tab Pack)


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Swarna Prashan is a time tested method practiced for thousands of years to improve overall health of children. Swarna Prashan means Oral administration of Swarna Bhasma mixed with ghee & honey to the child. Swarna Prashan Sanskar, as mentioned in ancient classics of Ayurved, imparts health and intelligence naturally. Acharya Kashyap mentions that Swarna Prashan, when taken for a month makes the child “Parama Medhavi” (intelligent), boosts immunity to protect child from diseases and when taken for six months the child gains unparalleled memory power and becomes “Shruta Dhara” which literally means one who can grasp everything he or she hears.

Swarna Prashan is also called called as Suvarna Prashan, Swarna Bindu Prashan, Swarna Amrut Prashan, Suvarnaprashana in different parts of India, is one of the important Ayurved regime to support children’s developing immune system and intelligence in the early and most crucial stage of development.


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