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Prakruti – Getting to know youself through Ayurveda

Diagnosis and treatment of any disease in Ayurveda depends upon the overall personality of the person called as prakruti – (प्रकृति).

Prakruti depends upon the predominant dosh (दोष) that a body is made of. There are seven main types of prakruti i.e

Vataj (वातज)
Pittaj (पित्तज)
Kaphaj (कफज)
Sannipataj (combination of all three doshas).

Each dosha has its own properties and qualities and the person with the main dosha predominant exhibits similar kind of nature. Lets learn a bit about properties of doshas:

Vataj – such person is of dry nature. Dry skin, Dry scalp, Thin body,May have constipation & generally may suffer from vayu (air) predominant symptoms like pain in different parts of body.

Pittaj – such person has moderate physique. Grasps things very fast, active in nature and may have acidity or metabolic problems, may have acne skin etc.

Kaphaj – such person has a heavy body with more water content. Person may be lazy by nature but intelligent. Memory is good, likes to sit for a long time and may have often cold and sinus problems or congestion etc.

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