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General Know how of Ayurvedic Medicines

Broadly Ayurvedic medicines can be understood knowing their different categories.

1) Those which increases the strength of an healthy individual (स्वस्थ्स्यस्य ऊर्जा करम)
2) Those which treats n destroys diseases of sick people (रोगानुत)

भेषजं द्वि विधम च तत। स्वस्थस्य ऊर्जा करं रोगनुत।।
स्वस्थ्स्य उर्जस करं – १ रसायन २ वाजीकरण
रसायन – १ कुटी प्र वेशक २ वातात पिक।

कुटी प्रवेशक – means IPD
वातात पिक – means OPD

रसायन : लाभोपायो ही शस्तानाम रसादी नाम रसायनं। (through which our body gets nourishment and all dhatus get nutrition and better or healthy)

वाजीकरण : अवाजी वाजी क्रियते इति तथा करणं वाजीकरणम । (Medicine which improves the vitality of a person n makes him able for conception is vajikaran.)

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