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Ayurveda – a new beginning

Of course it is an ancient science; ancient to our roots. India does not only have cultural heritage but medicinal too. Since ages there have been other medicinal systems too but Ayurveda make its mark.

There have been references in many books on History of Ayurveda (like Ashtanga sangraha etc ) that this science was gifted to Shri Atreya Maharishi from Lord Brahma Himself and thus descended from heaven to earth.

Lets warm up today with this shloka on aim of Ayurveda “स्व्स्थ्स्य स्वास्थय रक्षणं आतुरास्य विकार प्रशनम च.(सु.संहिता) i.e to maintain the health of a healthy person and to remove the disease of an ill person is the aim of Ayurveda..”

The whole treatment of this science is based on the above said shloka.

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